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OB WhatsApp Omar APK is one of the most famous versions of the WhatsApp plus with many additional unique features not already available in the original WhatsApp. These additional features include downloading a friend’s status, hiding the second tick in chats, hiding the last seen status, etc. You will enjoy switching your messaging app to OB WhatsApp Omar APK. It may also have some security issues just like other mods, but it has many useful features that make it worthwhile to use. It is one of the most developed mods of the original WhatsApp that is being admired by millions of users around the world.

Additional Information

App NameOB WhatsApp Omar APK
Size58 MB
Requirement4.0+ Android
Last Update3rd July 2022


OB WhatsApp Omar APK – 3 Types

OB WhatsApp Omar comes in three different types:

1.Burgundy “Annabeth” version of OB WhatsApp

2.Blue version OB3 WhatsApp

3.Pink version OB2 WhatsApp


Features of OB WhatsApp Omar APK

Following are some great features of OB WhatsApp Omar APK:

  • You can pause your voice recordings
  • Emoji reactions to make conversations effective
  • You can save media such as images or videos in your phone gallery even if media visibility is off
  • Users of OB WhatsApp Omar APK can hide the download statuses button
  • You can copy the captions of images that your friends have shared with you
  • You can choose new tones while receiving and sending messages on WhatsApp
  • New styles and designs of bubbles to send and receive messages
  • You can create message scheduling for many people at a time
  • You can hide the name of the contact that appears at the top of the screen when you email it
  • It has a feature with which you can send group messages to more than 1000 people instead of 256 people
  • An option to enable direct site sharing with friends is available
  • You can set a reminder and listen to it even if you are messaging or using another app
  • With this mod you can select up to 100 documents instead of 30 documents to share
  • You can add filters to enhance the quality of the image before sending
  • OB WhatsApp has a separate bottom bar
  • Animated GIFs and Emojis are available
  • You can view who is blocking you
  • Arabic language by default
  • You can enable or disable dark mode
  • A quick access to every page

Privacy Options

  • In your OB WhatsApp Omar APK you can hide your last active and online status
  • You can hide forward message tags in your conversations
  • You can hide typing status, recording status, blue tick, and second tick
  • You can select contacts who can call you

WhatsApp Status Download

You will have unique features regarding WhatsApp status. You can download any status of your contacts, hide your status view, and even you can put a video of longer than 30 seconds as your WhatsApp status.

Auto Reply and Message Scheduling

You can set an auto-reply that will be sent to your contact if you are too busy to reply to a message. You can set message scheduling to send messages at a specific time and day.

Updated Theme Store

The latest version of OB WhatsApp Omar APK has an updated theme store that contains modern stylish themes to give your WhatsApp a new look. You can set any theme of your choice when you are bored with one theme. In the latest version, there are more than four thousand themes.

Control Over Notifications

In WhatsApp Omar APK you will have control over notifications. You can change the color, style, type of notifications, and how they appear to you.

iPhone Style

If you are fond of iPhone-style WhatsApp, OB WhatsApp Omar APK is for you. In this mod of the original WhatsApp, you can set its theme to iPhone style.

Download OB WhatsApp Omar APK

This mod of the original WhatsApp comes in the Arabic version by default.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download OB WhatsApp:

  • First of all you need to take a backup of your all files
  • To prevent your backup from being deleted upload it to drive
  • You will receive a notification, you will have to click on this notification
  • Now you have to delete the official WhatsApp from your device
  • Enable allow apps from unknown sources in your phone settings
  • Download the latest version of OB WhatsApp from the link available in this article
  • Install the OB WhatsApp APK file
  • Fill all the fields completely
  • No field should be left blank
  • Your latest OB WhatsApp is now ready to use

Update OB WhatsApp Omar APK to Latest Version

If you receive a message that asks you to update your OBWhatsApp Omar APK to the latest version, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download OB WhatsApp Omar APK from the download button and you are ready to have the latest version of your new OB WhatsApp
  • Now go to Omar Adds, click updates, and then search for a new update. If a new update is available, you will know it from this option


Do not activate all the privacy options which may include hiding, receiving, and reading because this will lead to a delay in access and sending messages.


OB WhatsApp Omar APK is a mod of the original WhatsApp that has many unique features. One of these features is that it comes in the Arabic language by default. You can customize themes, notification tones notification styles, and chat bubbles as per your requirements. An amazing feature is that you can view who is blocking you. You can use light or dark mode as per your wish.

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